Social Media: Do You Know How Your HR Uses It

Social Media: Do You Know How Your HR Uses It

Social media exploded in the last decade and anyone watching knows we’ve come a long way from Myspace. But it’s not just individuals that use the medium. Human Resources Departments and HR Directors have been using social media for quite a while as well.

Do you know how your HR department is using social […]

Content Marketing: Why It Works

“Don't be boring”

Adams Edge Marketing has a commitment to our clients that’s shown in our use of best practices when it comes to marketing. According to a previous study from the official trade association for social media marketers WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association), content is the key to being rewarded by Google and other search engines […]

SEO Keyword Research: Be Wary of Old Information

SEO - Keyword search


Keeping up with it all AND running a business!

One of the worst things you can do from an SEO standpoint is rely on old information. As technology and the way we search changes so frequently, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changes almost daily.

Add to that the fact it isn’t an exact science […]

Meet The Team - Beth, Social Media and Newsletter Manager

Beth Vogl


Beth Vogl

Hi! My name is Beth Vogl and I am excited to be one of the newest members of the Adams Edge Marketing team.

I received my undergraduate degree in Criminology from Marquette University where I also obtained minor degrees in Spanish and Sociology. I moved to the Grand Canyon state about […]

Recognize the Caregivers in Your Life

Recognize the Caregivers in Your Life


National Caregivers Day is an annually observed designation set aside for the third Friday in February. This year, that falls on February 19. This is a day to honor and appreciate those who provide assistance with compassion and hope to the young, the old, and the sick. These caregivers often receive little to no […]

Adams Edge Marketing Website Redesign: Part 1

Adams Edge Marketing logo


There’s an old adage about shoemaker’s children and how they generally go without shoes themselves. This holds true for a lot of businesses including Adams Edge Marketing.


We put so much time and energy into giving our clients the best work that can be produced that we tend to do things with […]

An All American Team – Results You Can’t Get Elsewhere

American online marketing


We’re very proud to offer professionals from the US for our clients and their online marketing needs.

One of the more prolific (but misleading) terms you find on products these days is the “Made in America” logo. Unfortunately, you often see these tags slapped on products primarily made overseas for a company based […]

Meet the Team - Heather our Social Media Manager



Hello Adams Edge Family,

My name is Heather Catlin and since I’m new, I hope to share a bit about myself with all of you following Adams Edge Marketing.

My background is engineering with a BSE from ASU in Chemical Engineering. Let me see if I can get more acronyms in […]

Compliment Day and Other Holidays You Didn’t Know Existed

Quirky Holidays

Upcoming quirky holidays that you may want to participate in!


We’ve probably all heard of the traditional holidays, both religious and secular, as well as the specially designated months such as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Black History Month. But what about those odd, quirky designated days? Some of these are marketing […]

Adams Edge Marketing's New Team Player - Ray Adams

Ray Adams and his high school sweetheart

As Adams Edge Marketing grows, we’d like for you to get meet each member individually. Please welcome our new intern Ray Adams!

Ray Adams and his high school sweetheart

Hello AdamsEdge Family!

My name is Raymond Adams, but people call me Ray for short.

I am a business student who is currently attending Mesa […]