Adams Edge Marketing Website Redesign: Part 1

Adams Edge Marketing logo


There’s an old adage about shoemaker’s children and how they generally go without shoes themselves. This holds true for a lot of businesses including Adams Edge Marketing.


We put so much time and energy into giving our clients the best work that can be produced that we tend to do things with [...]

Meet the Team - Heather our Social Media Manager



Hello Adams Edge Family,

My name is Heather Catlin and since I’m new, I hope to share a bit about myself with all of you following Adams Edge Marketing.

My background is engineering with a BSE from ASU in Chemical Engineering. Let me see if I can get more acronyms in [...]

Compliment Day and Other Holidays You Didn’t Know Existed

Quirky Holidays

Upcoming quirky holidays that you may want to participate in!


We’ve probably all heard of the traditional holidays, both religious and secular, as well as the specially designated months such as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Black History Month. But what about those odd, quirky designated days? Some of these are marketing [...]

Adams Edge Marketing's New Team Player - Ray Adams

Ray Adams and his high school sweetheart

As Adams Edge Marketing grows, we’d like for you to get meet each member individually. Please welcome our new intern Ray Adams!

Ray Adams and his high school sweetheart

Hello AdamsEdge Family!

My name is Raymond Adams, but people call me Ray for short.

I am a business student who is currently attending Mesa [...]

What's Been Happening?

2016 Happy new Year

If you’re wondering what has been going on at Adams Edge Marketing, here’s a recap!

It’s been well over a year and SO MUCH has happened. In a nutshell, my health and family hit more than a few medical and personal crises over the last few years. 2015 was actually a great [...]

Great Cardiac Information for Women from Red Cross


I had a great time at a recent National Association of Professional Women’s Phoenix Chapter meeting. We had a terrific presentation by MeChelle McDougal from the American Red Cross and she shared some really interesting facts. I was so excited to share this information that I decided to try my first Vlog (Video Blog) in [...]

WordCamp Phoenix 2014 - Takeaways


This year was my 3rd year attending WordCamp Phoenix and I always take away a lot from this particular event. First of all, I like that it is almost in my backyard and the people who manage this event do a great job of keeping the event organized and full of practical help and information. [...]

Setting Up 2014 Goals for Your Online Presence

Marketing Goals for 2014

If you haven’t already, may i suggest that you set up your goals for your online presence for 2014. A great marketing plan can do nothing for you if you are not clear on what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there. It will be very rewarding this time in 2015 [...]

Website Design Using Scientific Data

Website Design Using Scientific Data

Recently there was a great blog post from Vocus called Landing Page Optimization Tips from an Eye Tracking Expert. I really liked what it had to say because for years there have been studies like this and most quality web designers and marketers know this information when consulting for a client regarding the design and [...]

What Can I Expect From an SEO or Online Marketing Campaign?

SEO|Inbound Marketing|Online Marketing

A great question I get a lot is what can a client expect in what is known by many names these days as either Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Marketing, Inbound Marketing and just plain marketing. The online marketing sphere is changing rapidly as does the online space and the technology used by those you [...]